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  • Environmental responsibility

    We have reduced our dust and gas emissions per one tonne of steel manufactured by 90 and 60 per cent, respectively.
  • Modern solutions

    Our plant ranks among the most modern steel plants in Europe.
  • A team of professionals

    Our team consists of outstanding professionals.
  • The local community

    The local community is an important partner for us.

Health & Safety

Safety is the primary concern of ArcelorMittal in all aspects of its activity. The company continuously works toward reducing the risk of accidents, near misses, fires and other threats to the health and life of everyone working on the plant’s premises, both our employees and the employees of our subcontractors.

Each year, we undertake steps aimed at improving the working conditions in our plant. We introduce new technologies, materials and machinery.

We reduce the number of accidents at work

We continuously work toward raising our staff’s awareness of the importance of safety at work. To this effect, we organize specialist trainings, discussion panels, quizzes, film shows, lotteries, etc., as well as make necessary investments. Our campaign entitled “Get rid of dangerous stuff” has been awarded a “golden stapler” award as the best in-house communication campaign. As a result of introducing comprehensive health and safety measures, we have been able to decrease the accident frequency rate in our plant.

Health and Safety Day

Each spring, all ArcelorMittal plants worldwide organize a Health and Safety Day, featuring numerous meetings, trainings, first aid shows, emergency drills, as well as discussions on what to do to improve work safety. The event is addressed both to the employees of ArcelorMittal and their families. The participants can have their glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure levels checked. They can also do a spirometry test, calculate their BMI and consult a nutritionist. Children can participate in art contests related to safety at work and at home. The best artwork is later included in the company calendars.

However, the most important message of each Health and Safety Day is thatsafety is our priority, and that we must work and act safely on a daily basis.

Health Week

Every fall, each company from the ArcelorMittal group organizes a health week - an event promoting healthy eating habits, sports, and disease prevention. The employees of ArcelorMittal Warszawa and its subcontractors have a unique opportunity to undergo extra medical examinations and test the latest treatment methods. Each day of the Health Week is devoted to a different health issue. The event is organized in such a way as to give all shop floor staff the opportunity to undergo these extra medical examinations. Ograniczyliśmy o 90% emisję pyłu i o 60% emisję gazów na tonę produkowanej stali.